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Thompson Surveying was founded in 1952 by Frank Thompson. Since then, we have grown to become the leading surveying company in the south-west of Western Australia. We’re based in the region’s major city, Bunbury, and have professional staff to complete your project.

As the region’s biggest surveyors, we have the expertise, state-of-the art equipment and the technical know-how to tackle any project however big or small. Although much of our work is in the south-west, we also have the capability to conduct survey work anywhere in the state and regularly work in rugged and remote areas of the north-west.

We have a close association with builders and developers working to provide accurate and detailed surveys for individual buildings, complete subdivisions or complex projects.

Local authorities and government departments such as LandCorp engage us to provide surveys and mapping data for roads and civil infrastructure.

Farmers and viticulturists use our services to plan the most effective usage of their land.

The construction and mining industries rely on our team to supply highly accurate data which forms the foundation of major projects.

We’re also experts at contour, feature and volume surveys.

We have every angle covered.

At Thompson Surveying, we have always embraced the latest technology and employed the best people which means we can meet the needs of an increasingly-demanding market.

For example, we’ve recently made a major investment in aerial drone technology which allows us to survey from the air at a fraction of the cost of hiring a helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft. Staying one step ahead of our competitors is what gives us the edge.

In the 60 years we’ve been in business, we have forged long-lasting professional relationships with many government bodies, local planners, builders, contractors and engineers which means we can offer our clients well-informed advice and insights into their project.

Thomson Surveying is a quality-accredited company in Surveying and Land Development (ISO 9001-2008).

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